anti gravity legends

…is a wipeout-inspired management game.

You have taken charge of a racing and development team competing in the professional Anti-Gravity Racing Leagues.

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An Intro…

I am a massive fan of Wipeout, an incredibly fast, futuristic racing game where all the craft float above the track utilising anti-grav technology. I got into game dev working on Slipstream GX, a fan-made tribute to that game that I believe is the greatest unofficial antigrav-racer existing right now. It’s free, and you can play it.

I’m a uni student at the moment, and I feel like it’s high time I start my first solo project. So I decided that I wanted to take this style of game into a new direction and open up a larger slice of the futuristic world AG-racing takes place in.

AG Legends gameplay concept

The Game…

Anti Gravity Legends tasks the player with the leadership of a fledgling anti-gravity racing and development team. The player hires staff, trains potential pilots, and designs from the ground up a fleet of racing craft to compete in the championship seasons – all in the context of a much broader world that reacts to your actions and changes over time.

Here’s what I have in mind:

  • A deep creation system, allowing you to design and then manufacture craft of your own custom shapes, liveries, and abilities
  • A headquarters management aspect, allowing you to manage staff and build up an advanced R&D campus over time
  • Rival teams rise and fall over time; they have their own objectives and agency
  • The championship regulations and locations will change over time as venues are destroyed or new ones created; the events of the season will influence the Race Commission’s actions
  • The world at large will respond to you and to the championship. Expect to see fans and foes writing about your team

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A bit more exposition

Wipeout has always been massive on flavour and world-building. It’s just a racing game of course, but the amount and detail of the lore and history behind every team and every location in that game is staggering, and forms part of it’s huge appeal. The game’s community has lasted an incredibly long time.

One of the motivations behind AG Legends was thinking about this lore and wondering how players could get a closer look at both the politics of the racing world and the world outside of racing alone.

At the same time, I was really interested in motorsport; I was hooked on interviews, and recounts of driver and vehicle history. For example: “Look at this competition car. It was raced for 17 years, and changed hands 4 times. A couple of times it was re-shelled, and eventually was re-purposed into a prototype model for the team that went on to win the endurance category.” I love that sense of narrative that springs from every entity involved in the racing. You see narratives form over the course of single seasons, and over many years. It’s so great.

It occurred to me that I could combine these two different concepts and create a game where the player gets to experience life in this futuristic wipeout-esque world, while their exploits in the racing season, and the actions of their pilots, and the craft they design and bolt together, all create a story over time. I love that. That’s what AG Legends is about; Motorsport, and player stories 🙂

And so I figured that, since I’m soon leaving uni, I should finally get myself involved in a solo game project that I might be able to really take somewhere productive. After thinking about AG Legends for at least a year, I finally decided it was the one.

So I want to thank you for your interest in the game. Game dev is a passion and it would be amazing if I could create something people enjoy and really make something life-changing out of this hobby. I really do appreciate your interest!

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Thank you


This website will receive more info about the game in the future. Stay tuned!